Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Lip Balm Flavors

When I make lip balms, I tend to make lots at once.  Then I add the labels and shrink tubes, fire up the heat gun and seal them up.  Here’s a picture of a few lip balms waiting to be sealed.  I have tried a few different shrink bands for the lip tubes.  My favorite ones are  from Bramble Berry

After the sealing is complete and my hand that holds the lip balms as I seal them is numb from the heat, I put the ready-to-go lip balms away in alphabetical order.  That makes it easy to find the ones I want and easy to see what needs to be replenished. 

Here are a couple of pictures showing how I organize them.  Oops!  I must have forgotten to sing the alphabet song as I organized the ones in the second photo.

Here are a few new flavors recently added to the plethora of flavors already offered.

Blackberry Grape

Cinnamon Candy

French Silk Pie

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Fresh Whipped Cream

Mocha Frappuccino

Pineapple Slices

Wild Cherry Candy (formerly named Wild Cherry)

You can find lip balms at the SoapArt Website or on Etsy.

Thanks for reading!

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