Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Throwback Supper

Last night I was on my own for supper.  A friend mentioned tuna, which reminded me of a delicious tuna macaroni and cheese dish we used to make in college.  So I made tuna mac.

Here’s the recipe.  Prepare a box of macaroni and cheese using double the amount of milk called for.  Add a can of cream of mushroom soup, a bag of tuna (a can if you’re going old school), and a can of mushrooms.  Mix together and heat on the stove for a few minutes.  That’s it!

As you can see, it’s nothing pretty to look at.  And it’s nothing special.  It’s just comfort food that I enjoy once in a while.  It’s so quick to fix that I didn’t have to give up much soap making time. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. This doesn't have anything to do with soap! :)

  2. Nope. It falls under the "and life" category. I started out thinking I'd call it "Why I Blog About Soap". I don't see a food blog in my future . . .

  3. As gross as this looks-I would love it. My family would not. I found your blog via Bramble Berry. I'm Carol *waving!* I actually have some of your soap that I think I bought at either The Plaid Peacock or Barn Happy-I can't remember. I don't know anyone else that makes soap, let alone someone close by so I'm glad you have a blog! Nice to "meet" you! :-)

  4. Hi, Carol (I'm waving back)!

    Isn't Bramble Berry great? Their products and customer service are top notch. And they do so many fun and helpful tutorials.

    Oh, thanks for buying some of my soap. And thanks for reading my blog. This dish does look gross, but I find it quite tasty!

    Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself! I hope to do a soap making demonstration or class at Plaid Peacock sometime. I'm sure they'll put information about it on their website and Facebook page once we get it scheduled. Maybe we can meet face to face :-)

  5. I buy most of my stuff from Bramble Berry and always read the blog.
    I keep hoping PP will have a soap class-that would be awesome. I would love to meet you! I have only been making soap since August but I love it! It's hard to find someone who wants to talk about it as much as I do :) If you want to chat, my email is: