Friday, February 10, 2012

Lotion Bar Test Results for Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Fragrance Panel

The testing of fragrances from in lotion bars went really well.  All of the fragrances were on their best behavior.  Combining the fragrances with the beeswax, oils and butter in the lotion bars seemed to smooth out any rough edges or strong single notes the fragrances have straight from the bottle.  I will likely offer lotion bars in any of these fragrances that Bramble Berry ends up adopting.  I like the way all of them smell in lotion bars, and I enjoy offering a wide variety of fragrances to my lotion bar customers.

Here’s a summary of how the fragrances smelled to me in the lotion bars. 

1.    Fresh, green, a bit more floral came out in the lotion bar than in the MP.  I think most people would like it. 

2.    Still citrus with a grapefruit note tagged on at the end.

3.    The fruit and wood notes that I pulled out individually seemed to meld together once in the lotion bar.  And there is a very slight powdery note at the end that I didn’t notice before.

4.    The Open Window name is really in my head when I smell this in the lotion bar.  I love it.

5.    Fruit punch with the raspberry note making a strong appearance.

6.    Pina Colada all the way in the lotion bar.  Yum.  It makes my mouth water.

7.    Gardenia.  I still think I’m smelling gardenia.  Love it.  This one has no color added.  The rest do.

8.    I still can’t tell what’s in this one, but I went from thinking I might dislike it straight out of the bottle initially to absolutely loving it in the lotion bar.  I want to take a bite.  I hope this one makes Bramble Berry’s cut.

9.    This smells like lemon pound cake in the lotion bar.  Very interesting, since I didn’t sense lemon right out of the bottle.  I think most people would like this one.  I know I want more.

10. Alluring.  The individual notes blend together wonderfully once the fragrance is in the lotion bar.  This is another one I really hope will be available on Bramble Berry’s website soon.

I’m anxious to share the results of the CP Soap testing with these fragrances.  I plan to do that next week.  I am thinking of testing the fragrances in soy wax melts and/or bath salts too.  Any thoughts on which of those you would like to see tested?  If so, let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!