Saturday, November 24, 2012


Come and get it!!
Last holiday season I began offering Bacon Lip Balm.
It was my single biggest holiday seller.
Recently, Bacon Lotion Bars were introduced.
Now you can get
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
And I hope you saved room for bacon.
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Polka Dot Soap Scented with Refreshing Ginger Ale Fragrance

This soap is scented with Bramble Berry’s Ginger Ale fragrance.
It’s clean and fresh and a little bubbly.
So the polka dot bubbles seem like the perfect match.
Making this soap involves several steps.
Step 1:
Make the spheres.
I used an earlier version of
I included glitter in some of the spheres.
Now and then I like a little sparkle.
Step 2:
Make the white base.
I melted about 40 ounces
Bramble Berry’s White base.

Step 3:
Add the fragrance.
I added about an ounce of Ginger Ale fragrance.
My kitchen smelled soooo good while I was making this!
Step 4:
Pour about a half inch of white soap into the loaf mold.
Let it cool a bit.
Spray a few spheres with rubbing alcohol.
Drop them into the white soap.
Let the soap harden.
Step 5:
Remelt remaining white soap.
Let it cool to about 120 degrees.
Pour enough in to cover most of the spheres.
Spray more spheres with rubbing alcohol.
Add them to the mold.
Step 6:
Repeat Step 5
If you want a little extra sparkle,
You can add glitter to the top.
Step 7:
Once soap has completely set up and cooled,
Carefully remove it from the mold.
Step 8:
Slice the loaf as desired.
I like the look a crinkle cutter gives the slices.
The soap is now ready to use and enjoy.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day!
Thank you to the men and women
Who are currently serving our country.
Thank you to those who have served our country in the past.
A special thank you to the families and friends of
The brave Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
Words are insufficient in light of your loss.
We enjoy the security quality of life we have today
Because of our Veterans.
On a personal note, I'd like to individually thank some
Very important people in my life who have served our country.
To our son who is currently serving in the US Army.
Thanks, son, for giving of yourself to make our country a safer, better place.
We are so very proud of you.
Thank you also to:
My Dad for your service in the Army during the Korean War
To my Father-in-Law for your service in the Army during WWII
To my Brother for your service in the Navy
To my Uncles for your service in various branches
Our country is stronger thanks to all of you and the many other Veterans of the Armed Forces.
May we never take for granted what we have because of your service.
How are you observing Veteran’s Day?
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pink Flamingo Lip Balm

Crazy about Pink Flamingos?

This fun lip balm is bright pink.
It’s flavored with wild cherry flavor.
It’s a perfect little gift for your favorite
Flamingo Fanatic.
It's available now in my Etsy Shop
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Billiard Ball Soaps

I love making soap in spherical molds.
The first soaps I made in them were rainbow spheres.

The most recent project is a set of billiard balls.

 It’s a fun challenge to get the colors just right.
The solids are pretty easy to do.
The stripes are a bit more complicated.
 You can find these on Etsy as a complete set.
Also on Etsy is a single ball option.
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