Saturday, November 5, 2011


I love rainbows.  I also love soap.  So I just had to make a rainbow soap.  I call it ROY G BIV soap.  It’s fun to make and the house smells so good while I’m making it.  I made a full loaf each of sample size and full size bars.  Each layer has its own wonderful fragrance.  Here’s what each layer is:

Red: Cherry
Orange: Orange
Yellow: Lemon
Green: Lime
Blue: Blueberry
Indigo: Blueberry Grape
Violet: Grape Soda

The overall effect of the different scented layers is wonderful.  It can be a little tricky to make. Each layer must be poured at just the right temperature so it doesn’t melt the existing layers.  It’s also important that the already poured layers don’t harden too much before the next layer is added so the layers adhere to each other.

I am offering this soap for sale on in the sample size bar, full size bar, sample loaf and full size loaf. 

Thanks for reading!