Monday, May 12, 2014

Button Soaps

These little button soaps are so realistic looking!

A friend requested some button soaps.
She sells the best crocheted slippers on Etsy.
These are like the buttons she puts on some of her slippers.

Packaged and ready to go

These would make fun party favors or giveaways
Know any seamstresses who would enjoy receiving a few of these?

Have a wonderful week!
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Honey, Fig & Oat Goat's Milk Luxury Soap
 Honey, Fig & Oat Goat's Milk Soap
I'm excited to be featured in the A Crafter's Life blog today.
Thank you, Mary Ann of Third Ear Dear, for featuring my Etsy Shop!

Mary Ann does a wonderful job of promoting other Etsy Shops.

Mary Ann's Etsy shop
Is a fun place to shop for
Handmade items and crafting supplies

This is a wonderfully creamy and moisturizing bar.
It contains a bit of oatmeal for mild exfoliation
To keep our skin fresh and renewed.

I couldn't find a Honey-Fig scent that I loved,
So I created my own special blend.

 I like the natural look of this bar.
I also like the honeycomb textured top.
Most of all, I love making and using this soap!

The goat's milk makes this bar very creamy and luxurious.
If you haven't tried goat's milk soap from scratch,
You really should sometime.
There's nothing else like it.

I have been making more goat's milk soaps of late.
I'm falling in love with the texture and
With the way it leaves my skin feeling.
You can get your own bar of Honey, Fig and Oat Goat's Milk Soap
It's back in stock  now in my Etsy shop.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lavender & Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap

 Have you ever tried homemade goat's milk soap?
The kind made from scratch?

This one is infused with 
Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil from Bramble Berry

It has just a touch of ground oatmeal it 
To lend mild exfoliation to the soap

This goat's milk soap is very mild and creamy
The lavender and oatmeal contribute 
Wonderful skin nourishing properties

If you have never tried
Made from scratch goat's milk soap,
You may want to treat yourself to some soon.

is available on Etsy while it lasts.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cherry Blossom Goat's Milk Luxury Soap

The addition of Goat's Milk
Makes this soap luxurious and creamy.

This is scented with Cherry Blossom Fragrance

A friend of mine from Maryland
Tells me it smells just like the real thing.
It brings back memories of childhood days
Spent at her Grandfather's cabin. 

Spring will be here soon.
Along with the cherry blossoms.

 In the meantime,
Get your own luxurious bar of
Cherry Blossom Goat's Milk Soap

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Rose Petal Soaps

Baby, it's cold outside!
Arctic air is over much of the United States this week.
Stay safe and warm!!
These snowflake single use soaps
Won't make you any warmer,
But they will get your hands clean.
This cold weather won't last forever.
Daylight hours are on the rise.
Spring will come.
And along with Summer?
These beautiful rose petal soaps
Are perfect for a single use.
But they will last through several washes.
They are just asking to be invited to weddings.
They can be
Table Favors.
Thank You Gifts.
In the guest wash rooms.
In the VP guest motel rooms.
Custom Made to match the wedding colors.

  Here's an example of the soaps packaged and ready to give.
 And another example

They are perfect for the guest bath at home as well.
They can sit in a cute bowl or basket.
Just waiting for someone to use them.
People can take one as needed.
The petal can be discarded after one use.
Or it can be saved and used several more times.
Each silk rose petal is individually and repeatedly
Dipped in glycerin base.
The result is an elegant soap.
Just put in your hands under warm running water.
Wash as usual.
Discard or save for additional uses.
It's great to be back after a blogging break.
Thanks so much for reading!
Stay Warm!
Stay Safe!