Monday, January 6, 2014

Rose Petal Soaps

Baby, it's cold outside!
Arctic air is over much of the United States this week.
Stay safe and warm!!
These snowflake single use soaps
Won't make you any warmer,
But they will get your hands clean.
This cold weather won't last forever.
Daylight hours are on the rise.
Spring will come.
And along with Summer?
These beautiful rose petal soaps
Are perfect for a single use.
But they will last through several washes.
They are just asking to be invited to weddings.
They can be
Table Favors.
Thank You Gifts.
In the guest wash rooms.
In the VP guest motel rooms.
Custom Made to match the wedding colors.

  Here's an example of the soaps packaged and ready to give.
 And another example

They are perfect for the guest bath at home as well.
They can sit in a cute bowl or basket.
Just waiting for someone to use them.
People can take one as needed.
The petal can be discarded after one use.
Or it can be saved and used several more times.
Each silk rose petal is individually and repeatedly
Dipped in glycerin base.
The result is an elegant soap.
Just put in your hands under warm running water.
Wash as usual.
Discard or save for additional uses.
It's great to be back after a blogging break.
Thanks so much for reading!
Stay Warm!
Stay Safe!



  1. What a good idea! Years ago there was a tiny British import gift shop in my area and I bought a little booklet with thin soap "pages" for travel. It was so useful, and I've often wished I could find them again. Hint, hint!!

  2. VLW - the little soap pages booklet sounds like a fun project to try. Thanks for sharing :-)