Saturday, February 4, 2012

BrambleBerry S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances First Impressions

After sniffing the 10 fragrances from for a couple of days now, I’m beginning to form some impressions.  A friend sniffed along with me, and it was interesting to get her take on them.    

Does anyone else smell in color?  When I smell a fragrance, I usually have a color in mind for it.  So I’ve mentioned colors for the ones whose colors I smelled. 

Here are my first impressions of the fragrances named 1-10.

1.    Fresh and Sweet.  First came a clean breeze.  Then a bit of melon.  This one smells like the color green.

2.    Citrus with a grapefruit dry down.  This one has stayed consistent for me.  Kind of reminds me of Yuzu.  It smells pinkish orange. 

3.    Fruity at the beginning, moving into earthy, then green with a hint of floral.  Wow.  I think my nose was on overdrive for this one.   I don’t have a color for #3 yet. 

4.    I’m stumped.  First it was earthy and smoky.  But the next time it seemed sweet and a bit fruity with a hint of wood trailing along at the end.  Thinking I would choose between the two, imagine my surprise when I smelled fabric softener the third time I opened the bottle.  My friend and I think it smells a bit like the spring when you open the window and drink in the fresh air.  We named it Open Window just for kicks.  It seems blue. 

5.    Fruit Punch.  I had trouble pulling out anything individually.  When my friend opened it and I didn’t have my nose right up to the bottle, I sensed raspberries.  This one is either pink or red.  I can’t quite decide.

6.    Very sweet.  I like it.  I think it will make my mouth water once I put it into soap.  I smell mango, peach and papaya.  It smells like the color orange.  My friend smelled some black cherry and maybe almond.  Mostly I got mango.

7.    Hawaii.  That's my first impression.  This became a favorite the second I opened the bottle.  Very heady.   I think it smells white, with gardenia as the prevalent note.  If this one is “wet dog”, then I’ve got to get one of those dogs.  If you didn’t read Anne Marie’s comments in this blog post,, then that sentence made absolutely no sense. 

8.    Uncle.  No, it doesn’t smell like one.  It’s what I’m crying because I am stumped.  My initial impression was a sweet bakery type, but I can’t put my finger it.  The funny thing is, my friend got a spicy, masculine, “in the woods” vibe.  For now this one is tan.  Initially I think it’s not a favorite, but by the time I put the cap back on, I want to smell it again. 

9.    Ginger and peach were my first impressions.  From there it went to a possible bakery type.  Maybe I am just hungry for pastries?  This one has an orange hue to it.  Maybe it’s peach pie.  Now I want a piece of peach pie.

10. Alluring was my gut reaction to this one.  It’s a favorite for sure.  The second adjective that popped into my mind for this one was sultry.  Deep maroon is the color I smell for this one.

Next week I’ll post updated impressions and/or photos of what I make.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.  If you’re not into football, then enjoy the ads!


  1. Hello! I'm also on the Summer 2012 SOAP panel, and I loved reading your descriptions! (I made sure to wait to read them until after I wrote down my reactions!) It seems like we BOTH love 7 and 10, which I think is great, because I would love to be able to buy those scents! Our impression on the fruity ones seems a little different, but I have a hard time with synthetic fruit scents... they never smell "right" to me!

  2. Oh! One more thing... it's funny that you smell in colors, because I smell in musical pitches...

  3. Hi, Andi!
    Thanks for your comments. I do hope we get the chance to purchase 7 and 10 in the future :-)

    I love that you smell in musical pitches! Tell me more.

    Have you written about the fragrances anywhere? If so, I'd love to read your take on them.

    Today someone told me the colors affected what they thought the fragrance was. So that was fun.

    Happy testing, and thanks again for commenting.

  4. I sometimes smell in color, too! Great descriptions =)

  5. Thanks, Anne-Marie - It's nice to know I'm not alone on smelling in color. There's a great children's book about how colors make us feel. Maybe that influenced me to smell color as well.