Monday, February 27, 2012

Lobster Soaps

The reason I got into soapmaking in the first place is because of my sister, owner of my little studio on Kent Island in Stevensville, Maryland.  Her regular soapmaker had to stop consiging soap, so I offered to "give it a try" so her studio could still have the great smell of homemade soap.  I instantly fell in love with making soap. Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me in my soap addiction, sis!

With that in mind, it’s about time I made some lobster soaps with customers of my little studio and Island Arts in mind.  Here they are.  These guys will be on their way to Maryland later this week if all goes as planned.

I didn’t want to make them smell like raw seafood.  I didn’t think they should smell like flowers either.  I used a wonderfully earthy-salty-oceany fragrance from Bramble Berry called Sea Moss.  It’s a very fresh scent that is perfect for these soaps.

The lobsters were fun to make.  Of course they were.  I haven't made a soap yet that I didn't enjoy making.  First I poured the red and let it set up.  I forgot all about taking pictures in progress.  Then I poured in the white soap at just the right temperature so it didn’t melt the red soap.  I hope people will enjoy them.

Here's a lobster trio.

Thanks for reading!

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