Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brambleberry S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances Arrived

Today the Brambleberry ( S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances Arrived.

You would have thought I won the lottery the way I whooped and hollered when my box of S.O.A.P Panel fragrances showed up on my doorstep this afternoon.  Even though I was in the middle of 10 different things at the time, I stopped everything so I could open the box and take a whiff of the goodness inside.

The box was so cute!  Ten little bottles of fragrance were neatly packed amid pretty tissue paper.   Bottles are labeled with numbers.  No hint of what they contain is given.  And some little pipettes were included, cutely wrapped in a cupcake paper.  That just added to the fun.

I took a quick sniff of each bottle, and then sniffed again.  Wow.  I never thought about how much I depend on the name of a fragrance to help me know what I’m smelling.   

I was so anxious to smell them all that I only spent a few seconds on each fragrance before moving onto the next one.  By the eighth or ninth bottle, I think they were all swirling around together in my nose.  I will spend more time on each fragrance, and will allow a bit more time between sniffing bottles. 

I like all of the fragrances, and I have marked two as favorites so far. 

I am so excited to be part of this testing process, and am anxious to see how the fragrances do in the products I make.  I’ll write more on this in future posts.

Thanks again, Brambleberry, for this wonderful opportunity! 


  1. Sounds great cant wait to hear more on the oils and see your new soapy creations :0)

    1. Lyn - Thanks for reading! I'm anxious to share more once I start making things.

  2. Am so jealous! I have a hard time knowing some fragrances without looking at the labels too. I am blaming my newbie nose! LOL

    1. LOL. I hope you'll get to be on a future panel. Thanks for reading!