Monday, February 13, 2012

Soap from Scratch - Cold Process results for Bramble Berry's S.O.A.P. Test Fragrances

Testing the fragances in the Cold Process soap making method was my favorite testing process so far.  I get a lot of enjoyment from making soap from scratch.  Here are the results.

First, here’s my setup for the fragrance testing cold process soap. 

Here's a look at how the fragrances looked when added to the raw soap.  Fragrance #1 got left out.

The pictures below show how the soaps looked right after pouring and at various times thereafter.  The soaps are arranged #1-4 in the top row, #5-7 in the middle, and #8-10 on the bottom.  Some darkened considerably, others not so much.  It appears that #7 discolored very little, if at all. 

Right after pouring.

Two hours after pouring.

One Day after pouring.

Two Days after pouring.

Three Days after pouring.

I began adding the fragrances when the soap was at very light trace.  I used a stick to gently stir each of the fragrances in about 4 ounces of soap.   It took about a half hour to get them all done. 

As for the fragrances speeding up trace, #7 is the only one that noticeably sped up trace. The others didn’t seem to speed up trace.  They all were easy to work with. 

I put a bit of color on each one for three reasons. 
  • First, I love color. 
  • Second, it gave me a back-up plan in case they somehow got mixed up. 
  • Third (I saved the best for last), I’ll be giving away three gift sets of coordinating goodies that were made during the fragrance testing.  I’ll post more information about the gift set giveaway later this month. 

Here are my thoughts on the fragrances in Cold Process soap.  My overall impression is that the individual notes of each fragrance tended to blend together very nicely for a smooth effect in the Cold Process soap.

1.    Very fresh, with notes of fruit and greenery.

2.    I still smell citrus, but the grapefruit note doesn’t come through like it did in the melt and pour and lotion bars.

3.    I love this one in CP best of all.  It smells more woodsy to me in CP and less fruity. 

4.    Throw that window wide open!  This one is a clean breeze on a summer day. 

5.    This one lost its punch in the Cold Process soap (meaning it doesn’t smell like fruit punch to me like it did in the lotion bars and the melt and pour soap).  It’s pleasant, and not as punchy as in other mediums.

6.    This one is still strong.  Now it’s pina colada all the way. 

7.    This one is a bit milder in CP.  I smell less gardenia than in the melt and pour and lotion bars.  I smell some green notes that I didn’t smell before.  It’s kind of like the flower and green part blended together. 

8.    I can’t believe I was hesitant about this one at first.  I love it in CP!  I want to eat it.  If it’s not a food one, I’ll have to adjust my thinking. 

9.    Nice and strong!  I smell lemon zest in the CP. It’s now peach lemonade to me.  I just can’t give up that peach note I think I smell.

10. Still alluring.  Seems a little bit sweeter in CP.  The soap is browning, but so far the maroon still shows up.  Yay!

Thanks for reading, and please check back to find out how to enter the gift set giveaway contest.


  1. Great idea using the color! I love color too. It looks like you are having a lot of fun! :)

  2. Thanks, Ann. I am having a blast! Thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks! I agree yay to Pina Colada!