Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bramble Berry Melt and Pour Fragrance Testing in Melt and Pour Part 2

Thanks for checking back!  Here are my comments on the remaining 5 Bramble Berry fragrances in Melt and Pour Soap. 

Fragrance #5 kicks off the Part 2 of the fragrance testing in Melt and Pour (MP) soap.  It is a little dark.  The base in the photo is reddish pink, and you can see that the fragrance is a bit darker than the base.  The overall scent effect now that the fragrance is in the soap is berry punch with a main note of raspberry.

Fragrance #3 also has a bit of a yellow color to it.  Here it is before it was mixed into the lavender colored base.  It didn’t seem to affect the final color yet, though.  The color purple does not match the smell to me, but I had trouble smelling the color in this one, so I went with purple. 

In the soap, this begins as a sweet fruit then moves to an earthy note and ends with a hint of wood.    This fragrance seems to move from one thing to another from beginning to end.  It seems very complex.   I like the way it puts my nose through a series of gymnastic moves.  When a friend saw the soap in purple, then smelled it, she said grape.  That made me wonder if it’s a wine fragrance.  I like this one a lot.  I think this one would have wide appeal.


Fragrance #2 is very clear.  It’s shown here in the white base.  You can see it sitting there prior to being mixed in, but it doesn’t have any hue to it.

I went with a red/orange color for this one because I keep coming up with citrus with a grapefruit finish.  It’s a very clean smelling fragrance.  I love it in the soap.

Fragrance #6 is pretty clear.  This one is still mango papaya to me.  I thought I sensed some Kumquat too once it was added to the soap.  And then some pineapple.  I think there’s a tropical fruit basket in there!  Some friends who smelled this in the MP soap and said Pina Colada right away.  I like this one a lot, both out of the bottle and in the MP soap.

Fragrance #8 has stumped me from the start. 

Just as I kept going back to the fragrance bottle before testing, I keep going back to the soap to give it another sniff.  I couldn’t pin down a color for this one.  I went with brown and tan.  Sometimes I think I smell fruit and sometimes it clears my nose like mint or camphor would. 

I didn’t think I liked this one at first, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite.  It’s different in the soap than out of the bottle.  It has lost a bit of its edge and has become smoother once it was in the soap.  Yes, this one is growing on me for sure.

Overall, after testing in MP, all of the fragrances still seem good to me.  I’m giving three stars (top honors) to #7, 8 and 10.  The rest get two stars.  I didn’t dislike any of them enough to give them only 1 star.  I’m reserving 1 star for those that I think people would dislike.

I have finished the testing in lotion bars – I'll post those results in a couple of days.  I did the CP testing this morning.  So far, I still like all of the fragrances.  I’m anxious to see what changes occur after a couple of days.  I’ll write the CP reviews in a few days.

Do you have favorite fragrances from what you’ve been reading here and in other panel members’ descriptions?  I’d love to hear what you think.  Are there one or two that you would love to try?  Please let us know by commenting below.

Here are links to what other testers are saying.  I really enjoy keeping up with what the other testers are saying about the fragrances fondly referred to as fragrances 1 through 10. 

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