Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making Lists

Are you a list maker?  If you are, some of this will make perfect sense to you.  If you are not a list maker, I will ask you this.  How do you do it?  How do you keep track of what needs done, what’s being done and what’s been done?

I have many lists.  I have sheets of paper all over the place in not so neat piles.  Plural.  I have daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists, and annual lists.  I have must do lists, hope to do lists, and lists of things I want to do but may never get done.  Whew.  I’m a little overwhelmed just thinking about all those lists.

In addition to my numerous lists on paper, I have lists on the computer, and I have a couple of planner apps on my iPad that let me make lists.  I’m in the process of switching from one app to another on the iPad.  You know why?  Because the first one wouldn’t let me cross things off once they were done.  And it didn’t keep track of what had been done.  I get a certain amount of satisfaction out of crossing things off my lists.  And sometimes when I do something that’s not on a list, it gets added just so I can cross it off! 

Here are a few things on my soap to-do-in-the-near-future list.

          Wrap and Label Flip Flop Soaps
          Make Lotion Bars
          Make Lip Balms
          Make Shaving Soap
          Make Charcoal Soap

Do you have any helpful tips for effective list making, keeping track of lists, completing to-do lists, etc.? 

Any funny stories about lists?  I’d love it if you would post your thoughts here.

The tip "get off the computer and do something" is already being taken under advisement. 

Thanks for reading!

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