Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Winners Are . . .

Gift Set Giveaway Sweepstakes Winners

Happy Fragrance Day! 

Congratulations to the three winners of the giveaway sweepstakes sets!!  Can you tell I'm really excited by all the exclamation marks?
As a reminder, the set consists of items I made while testing fragrances as a member of the S.O.A.P. Panel for the super soap supplier Bramble Berry.

Each gift set includes one of each of the following:
  • Hand-knit cotton wash cloth
  • Bar of melt-and-pour soap
  • Lotion bar
  • Bar of soap from scratch (cold process) soap
  • Wax waffle
Here's a picture of one of the sets minus the wash cloth.

The winners are – Drum Roll, Please:

·         Rona Messmore

·         Morgan Boyer

·         Connie Jones

Woohoo!  Congratuations!! 

Each winner gets to choose one of the fragrances for her coordinated gift set.

The summary of my impressions of the fragrances are here.

Bramble Berry’s announcement of the fragrances that will be added to their line is here.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  The contest was fun, and I am so happy to be sharing some of the test products with a few people.  Watch for future contests here and on SoapArt's Facebook page. 

Thanks for reading!

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