Monday, March 12, 2012

Girl Scouts Day and Horseshoe Soaps

Girl Scouts Day and Horseshoe Soaps?  How do these relate?  Let me tell you.  First, let me say Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Now I'll explain the connection.  As a girl, I was in the Girl Scouts for several years.  I loved selling cookies, and tried my best to sell enough each year to earn my way to camp.  Girl Scout camp was a highlight of many of my summers.  One year I got to go to Girl Scout Horse Camp.  It was a wonderful experience.  I love all kinds of animals and getting to learn to ride and care for horses was so fantastic.

Because of the wonderful memories I have of Girl Scout Horse Camp, I wanted to show you the horseshoe soap I made.

They are fun and easy to make.  These full size soaps are scented with a leather fragrance.   Here’s a picture of the soaps before they were wrapped and labeled. 

I wrapped them in shrink wrap so their appearance and fragrance will hold up a bit better.  The downside to the shrink wrap is that it’s harder to smell the fragrance before the wrapping is removed.  The ingredient label is on the backside.  In the photo below, the soap is not yet wrapped.

Thanks for reading!

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