Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soap Making Video

Yesterday I uploaded my first video ever to YouTube.  You can watch it and leave comments on it here.  Or you can click on the video below and watch it there.

A friend (hi, Carol!) introduced me to several soap making video channels on YouTube.  It’s a wonder I get anything else done besides watching “soaps” all day. 

You can see Carol’s videos here.  I love her style!

The soap in this video has shreds of other Cold Process soaps embedded into it.  I layered various shreds and then did an overpour of Cold Process with a fresh clean scent. 

I’ll show you the cut bars on another day. The soap still needs some curing time, so I don’t know yet how it will act when used. I hope the shreds and overpour stick together.

Thanks for reading (and for watching if you took that plunge)!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I just edited the cutting video. I'll post it soon.

  2. Hi Jean!

    How nice of you to link me up! :-) I think your soap will stick together. I had to laugh because I had a total screw-up soap that I rebatched and it still wasn't good so I rebatched AGAIN and thought I'd get all fancy and put shreds in the middle. HA! It's sitting in a bag where it has resided for 6 months now, all falling apart. Someday, I'm going to rebatch it again just for kicks. It will probably be the most fantastic soap ever, never to be duplicated. Can't wait the for that cut video!

    1. Carol - Isn't soap great? There are very few batches we can't save in some way. I had one of those rebatched goofs that turned out great and can never be duplicated. Alas, the last of it has been used up.

      Can't wait for the video of your cut of the rebatched rebatch soap :-)

      My son named my rebatched goof "kitty surprise" as a testimony to its appearance. But it smelled good and had oh so many bubbles.