Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I’m so excited to finally get to share the pictures from the soaping morning with the kids at Plaid Peacock.  Thanks to Plaid Peacock for supplying me with these great pictures!

If you haven’t been to Plaid Peacock in downtown Waterloo, you really must go.  The restored building is absolutely beautiful, and the variety of Iowa art and products is sure to have something for everyone.

The classroom area is very pleasant, with plenty of space and a huge window looking out onto the Public Market across the street.

Now, back to the kids. 

A couple of the kids showed up a tad early, so they helped me with last minute preparations.  We also chit chatted and got to know each other a bit. 

Our first project was a soap the kids mad for themselves.  It was a practice soap so they would have some experience before making their gift soap.

They could choose between a fish or a robot.  While they were doing that, they waiting for me to microwave the glycerin soap base.  Once the base was melted, they added fragrance and stirred.  After putting their toy into the soap mold, they carefully poured soap over the toy.

Next we moved on to the gift soap.  I pre-made little soap spheres with glitter and the kids got to choose some for their soap. 

They put the spheres into a clamshell mold.  Then they waited for their cup of soap to get melted.  Once they had a cup of melted soap, they added some yummy pearberry fragrance.  After spraying the spheres with rubbing alcohol to help the overpour stick, they carefully poured their melted soap over the spheres.  The hardest part was waiting for the soap to set.
While we waited for the soap to set, they made another gift.  Each child got to make some bath salts.  I brought some little salts, kind of like table salts, that already had fragrance added.  Each child got a couple of spoonfuls of those, and then got a big scoop of larger sea salts.  These were placed into a yogurt carton. 

The lids went on and the kids shook shook shook the salts to get everything good and mixed.  Once things were pretty well mixed (it got kind of noisy!), we added a few drops of color to the salts.  I was fun to see the color choices.  There was some color combining going on, and all of the salts ended up with absolutely gorgeous color.  The kids noticed that some pieces of salt were darker than others. 

Oh, I just loved working with these kids.  It’s so nice to have such enthusiastic and interested kids. 
While we continued to wait for the gift soap to set, the kids made cards and gift wrap.  I enjoyed watching the creativity of these precious children.  While they made cards and gift wrap, we also talked about having another soap activity in June. 

 Plaid Peacock and I haven’t set anything up yet, but we would certainly love to do another morning of soaping with kids.  I better get going on checking my schedule to see when we can make that happen.  I hope the kids will come back and that a few more will come join us.  I'm also thankful that one of the moms stayed and helped out with the class.  She was a life saver!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww what a fun activity! Love the embeds. I am positive that kiddos will want to do another round of soap making. :-))

    1. Thanks! Soaping with kids may be as addictive as making soap is :-)

  2. Hey-there's my kiddo! Nick had a blast. Sorry we were early (where's my blushing smiley?) Too much happening that week and I didn't take a good look at my calendar. I would have stayed to help but at that time only Nick and another kid were there (that early thing again..) I will have to show him his pictures on here. He will get a kick out of it. Thanks for a great class and for a great present! :-)

  3. Carol - Nick's being there early worked out great! He was very helpful, and I enjoyed visiting with him. It was nice of you to offer to stay and help. Things went pretty smoothly. Believe me, the class was my pleasure :-)

    Hi, Nick!

  4. Ha! I just showed him the pictures and he got all shy, goofy and giggly. He says "heeyy."
    Well, I'm getting ready to go over to AAA Chemicals and buy me some lye, thankyouverymuch. I save, even with shipping, more than 1/2. I am hoping that by the next time I need lye, it will be on sale again. Do they do this every so often?

    1. :-) Nick

      I'm glad the AAA will save you some money. They run sales about twice a year. I've never seen one this good, though. Mine just arrived today :-)