Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smiling Piggy Soaps Make Great Party Favors

People are loving these smiling piggy soaps as party favors. 

Earlier this week I was knee deep in piggies! Well, not really. But it felt like it. In a good way.

I produced, wrapped and labeled several of these cute smiling piggy soaps (without boxes) for birthday party favors. I can only make three at a time as I only have three molds. So it takes a while to produce a sizeable litter.

I love making products that customers request. So I enjoyed every minute of it (except for that one little wrestling match I had with a piece of Saran. The Saran won).

The smiling piggies also come packaged in a clear plastic box.

Do you know someone who likes pigs? Are you thinking of putting together a pig themed party? If so, I hope you will keep my little piggy soaps in mind.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my Piggie, they are SO cute!!! can I make a special request of tractors or monster trucks? I need to start planning ahead!

    1. Thanks, Claire! I would LOVE to make some tractors or monster trucks for you!!

      I have a tractor mold, but it makes a BIG soap.

      I'll be on the lookout for tractors or monster trucks that I might be able to use to fashion a favor size soap.

  2. Omg, those are too cute! I love the little piggies and think they would be great with a farm-themed soap set!

    1. Thanks, Anne-Marie! A farm-themed soap set is a great idea!