Monday, May 7, 2012

Pomegranate Soap from Scratch

It is a gorgeous day here in Iowa!  The temperature is a mild 70 degrees and the humidity is low. I think I saw a Baltimore Oriole at my feeder this morning.  I’m not sure.  It flew away before I could get a picture to show and get help figuring out just what kind of bird it was.
Now, on to soap!
This pomegranate soap smells so good!  It’s a lot like bath and body’s Moonlight Pomegranate.  The fragrance is rich and complex, and it holds really well in cold process soap.

I have made several batches of pomegranate cold process soap, but none of them had all the goodies that this one has.  I used some activated charcoal for its color, exfoliation and detoxifying properties.  I mixed 4 different labcolors together to get the purple color.  In retrospect, maybe I could have just used purple J 

I also added some sodium lactate to this batch.  It should help the soap last even longer.  I have also read that it can increase the lather. 

These are available on Etsy or the SoapArt website.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Can I just say STUNNING! Jean, you amaze me..your soaps are so lovely :-)))