Saturday, May 26, 2012

Personalized Soap

The other day I made some soaps with pictures and graphics placed in them.  One thing I really love about these soaps are that the possibilities for shapes, sizes, and embeds are infinite. 

The photo will stay in the soap through several uses.  The photo is printed onto water soluble paper, so it’s more than skin deep, shall we say.  However, as the soap is used, the photo will slowly disappear. 

The possibilities with this are endless.  The beach scenes are scented with a fun fragrance that smells like a carful of friends on their way home from the beach (minus the sweat).

Lettering can also be included, so dates, names and sayings can also be embedded.  In the future, I'll offer additional designs.  Customized versions of these with words and/or photos would be great for wedding favors, shower favors, hostess gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and so on. 


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love the beach soaps! (and the fact that they smell beachy - the sweat!)

  2. Thanks, Katie! The beachy smell is so realistic. It makes me smile every time I smell it :-)

  3. Awesome! What a fantastic idea! :-)

  4. These are super cute, I especially love the beach scene soaps!