Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pig Farmer Soap

If you live in Iowa, you may know a pig farmer.  Or, you may know someone who knows a pig farmer.  What is that?  Like two degrees of separation between Iowans and pig farmers?  I don’t know. 

Anyway, I make a soap called Pig Farmer Soap.  It’s a very basic soap with essential oils, spices and clay.  It starts out light in color. Once it goes through saponification (the chemical process of oils and lye turning into soap), it becomes brown.

It’s nice and scrubby.  The clay is in there to help absorb odor.  The spices are included for their scrubbing power and spicy-good scent.  The essential oils were chosen to help eliminate odors and provide a nice spicy smell to the bar.

Want to know one other little tidbit about Pig Farmer Soap? 
It’s made with lard.
What pig farmer wouldn’t want a bar of soap made from lard? 

Do you know someone, pig farmer or not, who would love a spicy bar of soap that is good at scrubbing off dirt and grease while also pampering adding a bit of TLC to hard working hands?

 Thanks for reading!

The cutting video is up on YouTube

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