Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Extra Bubbly Good for Shaving Soap

One of my most requested soaps is my Extra Bubbly Good for Shaving Soap.  It includes Bentonite Clay for slip, and Castor Oil for a little extra bubbly.

Bar From Prior Batch of Extra Bubbly Good For Shaving Soap

It’s scented with Bramble Berry’s Cold Water fragrance oil.  The soap is layered with three different shades of blue using Labcolors. 

It can be used with a regular razor, and you can either lather up the soap in your hands then put it on or you can use a shaving brush to give it even more lather.

Available at SoapArtOnline and Etsy

I quit using shaving cream the day my first batch of this soap was cured and ready to use.  I used to need lotion after using shaving cream.  But this soap leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 

Here’s a video showing how to make the layered soap.  You can also go to YouTube and watch if you prefer.

Thanks for reading/watching!


  1. You know, I've never even thought about what I use on my legs. I think I've always just used whatever was in the shower. Now I'm going to have to consider this. I don't think there is room for even 1 more bar of soap in there!

    1. Carol - I find this soap really does make a difference. I love using it. Have you made soap with clay?

  2. Very nice gradient technique. Lovely!

  3. I have not used Bentonite but I have used Kaolin and French Green clay. I know I really like Kaolin and my French Green is not cured yet so I have to wait. I put it in my cucumber/avocado facial soap. I really am excited to compare them. What does Bentonite bring to the shower?;-)

    1. I'll bet the French Green clay in your cucumber/avocado facial soap will be wonderful. French Green clay has so many minerals for our skin, and I like the feel of it too.

      The bentonite clay seems to help the razor move along more smoothly than other soaps do. It's the only clay I have incorporated into the total batch. Usually I just use clay in parts, and then I get varied textures.

      Can't wait to hear more about your facial soap.