Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lego Soap

Have you ever played with Lego blocks?  I’m old enough that I didn’t have any as a kid.  No, that's okay.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I had some wonderful wooden blocks and cars to keep me busy and happy and building stuff.  Had Legos been around for me as a kid (really giving away my age here, aren't I) I would have been fascinated with them, and would likely have had them scattered about the house with several building projects going on at once.  Kind of like I do with soap now.

Speaking of Legos and soap, aren’t these little Lego soaps cute? 

 They are the perfect size for little hands, and are scented with various delicious fruit fragrances that kids are sure to love.

I couldn’t resist making little Lego peeps along with the blocks. 

If you’re interested in these, you can buy them at SoapArtOnline or Etsy in sets of three block and three peeps.  You can get all three in the same color or put together your own combination of blocks and/or peeps in the colors you choose. 

Now I’m off to build something colorful and sweet with some of these cute little soaps.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Do they have notches in the bottom so you can actually build with them? Either way, they're cool!

  2. Good question! Alas, they do not. How cool would it be if they did. Even so, it's pretty easy to stack them and build basic stuff.

  3. I'm digging those sparkly Lego soaps, they are absolutely fabulous!

  4. These are awesome! Of course, my water bill would probably go up from me playing with them in the bathtub.

    1. But in the bathtub, they'd melt and become less stackable :(

      I'd make a sparkly, impenetrable wall of lego soap right in the middle of my apartment!