Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Feet!

During the school year I get to take care of babies 0 – 12 months old while their mothers are in Bible study.  It’s such a fun and rewarding part of my week.  I just love snuggling those precious babies.  During the summer, I always go through a bit of baby withdrawal.

Hence, these cute little baby feet.
They are available at the SoapArt Website

These baby feet lotion bars come in several colors and in three fragrances.

Baby Powder: Smells like baby powder with a hint of baby wash
Lavender Chamomile: Smells clean and baby fresh
Sweet Baby: A fresh blend of vanilla, sugar, peach and violet.

Of course, they can be left unscented, or they can be scented with any other fragrances I have.  I just think these three are the most baby-like of my collection.

These would make a wonderful gift for the new baby.
They’d also be cute for favors at a baby shower. 

Most importantly, I get to enjoy the wonderful baby scents as I’m making them.  It’s not as good as holding real babies, but it will get me through ‘til it’s time to hold the babies again.

Thanks for reading!

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