Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Candy Heart Glycerin Soap

I tried to resist buying the mold for these soaps.  I really did.  In fact, I resisted for at least two years.  I have way too many molds and seem to keep collecting more.  A while back, I was on a “mold moratorium”, but I still managed to find some molds I couldn’t resist.  I think the moratorium has been lifted due to constant infractions.  At any rate, more molds keep showing up in my soap room.

These little candy heart soaps turned out so cute.  And there are so many different combinations of color and fragrance that will go with them.  The soaps are designed for Valentine ’s Day, but who couldn’t use a “hugs” soap any time of year?  There.  That’s my justification for buying the mold J

The soaps are offered at and at  and they come individually or in groups. 

These soaps are about 2.5” x 2.5”.  I saw molds that can be used to make soaps similar to these, but at the real-life size of the candy hearts of about a half inch across.  I think those are really cute, but they seem kind of small to me for using as soap.  I just might have to get that mold some day and try it out.

Here are pictures of some of the heart soaps I made.  The pastel ones smell like cotton candy and the red ones have a long lasting cinnamon fragrance.


  1. These are cute enough that it's ok that you bought the molds :)

  2. Whew! I'm glad you think it's a good choice :-) I really, really like molds.