Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bramble Berry SOAP Fragrance Panel

So, it's been a while since I wrote. The last couple of months have been crazy-busy, which is wonderful! I had my best ever holiday season and have been working to get my stock built back up.

Yesterday I made several batches of Cold Process Soap From Scratch. It was a blast. Soon I get to check on them all and see if they are ready to cut. Some Bramble Berry fragrances I used yesterday include Cherry Blossom, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, and Lilac. I also made some loaves using Bramble Berry's Clove Leaf Essential Oil and ground clove. These soaps will be ready for use in about a month.

Bramble Berry,, (also on Facebook at is an awesome soap supplier! They are having a contest to choose a panel of soap and makers to test some new fragrances they are considering. I am a fragrance hound. I love trying new ones! And I love Bramble Berry’s high quality fragrances. They include lots of great information about their fragrance oils on their website. There’s lots of great information there that helps me choose which fragrances to try. I would be honored to get to be a tester for a few new fragrances that are under consideration.

It is really hard for me to narrow the field down and choose one fragrance as my favorite. There are so many that I just can’t live without. But if I had to, I would choose Brambleberry’s Oatmeal, Milk and Honey For those of you who have used my Oatmeal soaps, this is the fragrance you love too! The oatmeal soaps, both cold process and melt and pour, are consistently my best sellers. Thanks to all of you who have sampled, purchased, and used them J 

And thanks to Bramble Berry, a wonderful supplier who provides high quality products, stellar customer service, and lots of projects, tips and support for their products and for business in general.
Oh, and one last thing. Dear Bramble Berry – Please pick me!

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