Friday, January 27, 2012

State Soaps Iowa and Nebraska

I saw some state shaped cookie cutters a while back.  Guess what?  They can also be soap cutters J

The cutters don’t always stand up the best to soap, but with a little finessing, I can get them to work. 

I like that I can make endless color combinations or these, or even just “float” the state in clear soap.  I started with Iowa because that’s my state.  I don’t have cutters for all 50 states yet, and there may be some that just won’t work.  But I look forward to working with as whatever states customers want. 

I made Iowa shaped soaps in red and gold and in black and gold.  I need to do one in purple and gold too.  I also did one in red and white because red is my favorite color.  I’m also thinking green and yellow or green and white would be good to go along with the state slogan of “fields of opportunity”.

I also made some Nebraska soaps because I have a few friends who are from there or live there.

What state would you like to see?  What color combination would you choose?

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  1. Can't wait to see your Colorado, Wyoming and Rhode Island ones :)