Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Soaper's Version of April Fool's

It comes every year.  Same day every time.  It’s the day that practical jokes are acceptable, even encouraged.

Here are a few ideas for April Fool’s soap jokes.  They look and smell like the real thing.  Think you can get someone to take a bite? 

Chocolate Fudge Donuts, Ice Cream Sandwiches and
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Smoothie on a Stick



Corn on the Cob

Rock Candy

Funny story.  My kitchen counters are generally covered with soap projects (that’s a topic for another blog some day).  Much like the top photo.  My family knows to beware of any item that looks and smells like food because it’s probably soap.
One weekend I made some delicious and peanut butter cup brownies. I found the recipe on Pinterest. 

When one of our kids (she’s a grown up but still our kid) was ready to take a bite, my husband said “Wait! That’s soap!” He is so used to the counter being covered in soap that he doesn’t get his hopes up that something might be real food. As the adult child took a bite, she assured her father that it was indeed real food. I still don't know whether he was serious or kidding when he told her it was soap. 

Of course that got me thinking about how to make peanut butter cup brownie soaps. Alas, the thinking stage is as far as that project has gotten.

Happy April Fool's Day, and Thanks for Reading!


  1. He was definitely serious. He really did think it was soap!

  2. Good call, Megan (the grown up kid referenced above). I really wasn't sure.

  3. What a great idea using soaps as an April Fool's joke! :)