Friday, April 13, 2012

Goat Milk Soap Mango Swirl

I love goat milk soap.  My shower usually has a bar of cold processed clove soap and a bar of cold processed goat milk soap.  I made this soap with myself in mind.  I thought it was a good time to experiment with color and swirls.  I may have gone a little wild.

I used a Bramble Berry fragrance called Mango Mango.  It’s very sweet and seemed to be a good fit with goat milk soap.  I left part of the soap uncolored, and colored the remaining portions with neon orange and neon green.

First I poured in a layer of uncolored soap. 

Next I poured the green colored soap over the white, sort of in rows. 

 Next I added orange soap in rows between and on top of the green rows.

I used a chopstick to make feathery swirls throughout the soap.
Then I plopped some orange on top and swirled a bit. 

I used the chopstick to try to make hearts, but only some of them turned out.

Goat milk soap just gets better over time.  I just finished up the last bar of a batch I made in 2008.  It was even more wonderful in 2012 than it was in 2008.  I love the soft, creamy feel that the goat milk seems to give the soap.

It’s going to be hard to wait to give this Mango Swirl a try, but then that is always the case with cold process soap.  But wait we must.  Giving the soap some time to cure before use allows the soap to get milder.  It also gets harder so that it lasts longer.

Have you ever tried goat milk soap?  If not, I hope you’ll consider giving some of SoapArt’s goat milk soap a try.  A bar or two of this batch will probably show up in my Etsy shop in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading!


  1. ohh that is so pretty! I have never used Goats Milk soap, but would love to try some. Let me know when it is ready, I would love to purchase a bar. the colors are great too.

    1. I'll let you know. I am so tempted to try this one right now! But goat's milk soap gets better with age, so I'll wait a little longer.

  2. just another one of your soaps to add to my wish list! :-) sounds so decadent!

    1. Claire - it really is a treat to use. I like to let it get goopy sometimes and then it's kind of like cream soap. If I'm able to wait the full month for this one to cure I'll be amazed at my will power!

  3. Hiya! I just made 2 batches of goat's milk soap yesterday and it will always be my favorite! I threw honey and oatmeal in both and then scented one with OMH, the other with a combo of OMH and a Honey I Washed The Kids dupe. It *IS* soo hard to wait!

  4. Carol - It sounds like you had a FUN day! Honey and oatmeal should make it extra special.