Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kitchen Sink and Corn Update

I survived without running water in the kitchen for a day and a half.  Thanks to Hudson Hardware Plumbing and Heating for getting my faucet replaced so quickly.
Here it is!

The water pressure is great!  The water runs in a stream. 

Or in a spray.

I made more corn on the cob soaps and was able to clean up this time. 

These wrapped corn on the cob soaps should be on their way to South Dakota by Friday. 

I'll likely be taking a break from blogging to celebrate Easter.  Happy Easter, everyone!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yay! New faucet-looks great! I wanted to know what the scents are for your Watermelon soap and Sea Glass soap that we have. We love them! My son was impressed enough to comment to me so that says something! :-)

  2. Carol - Thanks for sharing in the joy of getting our new faucet!

    The watermelon soap is scented with watermelon fragrance, and the sea glass one is scented with sea glass fragrance. Good thing I am more creative at the soap making than I am at naming them :-)

    How cool that your son commented on the soaps. The sea glass has such a nice earthy scent, it seems to me that most everyone would like it.

    Thanks again for commenting. I always enjoy your comments.

  3. Okay, now I feel like a moron! Watermelon is duuuh-watermelon. I swear it smells nothing like the watermelon scent that I have so we sniffed it over and over again and we both thought it was something else! Now sea glass- I have no idea what sea glass smells like so I don't feel so bad on that one. I have never heard of sea glass scent! Well then, I REALLY like your watermelon and sea glass scents! :-)

  4. The watermelon fragrance was hard to find, so it very well could have been something other than watermelon. Anyway, I'm glad you like it!

    I'm glad you like both scents. I really like the earthy smell of the sea glass. And I'm glad there's no kelpy seaweedy smell to it. It just smells nice and fresh to me.