Friday, September 2, 2011

Making Lip Balm

I tend to turn lip balm making into a marathon.  It’s so hard to decide which flavors to make next, so I end up trying to make them all!  Each time I make a new flavor, it becomes my favorite for a while.  I haven’t made any that I didn’t care for.  The vanilla is wonderful, and the pomegranate is my old standby.  I just made blue raspberry not long ago, and I’m enjoying that a lot right now.

The lip balms are fun to make.  After they are cooled and capped, it’s time to label them.  Labeling used to involve super glue and index cards.  I switched to using adhesive labels, and that has made the process a little simpler.  Next it’s time to put shrink wrap on them.  The final step is to heat the shrink wrap into place.  If you’ve never done this, you should really try it sometime.  It’s fun to watch the wrap shrink onto the product.  The shrink wrap bands come with a perforation in them so users can remove just the portion on the cap leave the bottom part on to help the label stay in place.

I just got a new shipment of lip balm flavors, and can hardly wait to try them. 

Here are a few new flavors I’ll be making soon:

Candy Corn
Chocolate Mint
Gummy Bear
Orange Cream
Peace of Mind

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