Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jasmine Goat Milk Soap

I'm keeping track of Hurricane Irene by watching the weather channel while I get some much needed soaping done. I'll share pictures of today's creations in an upcoming blog.

I recently made a batch of soap that was kind of an experiment. I am working on perfecting a goat milk soap recipe, and I think I finally got it. I colored this with neon pink and blue and swirled the colors together. The jasmine started out very strong, and it’s still pretty good. I’m happy with how it looks, but the best part is how it works. It is very creamy and has lots of wonderful bubbles. There are big bubbles and little bubbles. And I love how my skin feels after I use the goat milk soap. The picture shows the soap in the pan before I cut it into bars.

The picture below shows some individual bars that I cut from the pan.