Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lighthouse Soaps

I have always liked lighthouses.
They are beacons of hope and light,
giving direction to the lost.

 One of the first soap making molds I bought
Was the mold to make this lighthouse soap.
When I was in Georgia a couple of years ago,
I got to climb to the top of the Tybee IslandLighthouse. 
I climbed all 178 steps of it.
I walked around the catwalk at the top.
The view was gorgeous.
It's an experience I will always remember.
Did I mention that our guest bath
is decorated in a lighthouse theme?
Yes, I like lighthouses.
And I like making lighthouse soap.
Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG! These are gorgeous, and is that a slight swirl I see in the waves? Perfect!

    1. Thanks, Anne-Marie! It's so cool that you noticed the subtle color variation in the waves :-)