Monday, July 9, 2012

Soap Demonstration

This past weekend I got to do a
cold process soap making demonstration at the
located in a beautifully restored building
in downtown Waterloo, Iowa.
It's located just across from the Riverloop Public Market Co-op

Plaid Peacock

See the window to the left with the shades pulled?
That's where the demo was held.

The Plaid Peacock has a nice setup for classes and demonstrations.
It's a beautiful setting, and they are always helpful and quick to
supply me with whatever I need.
Like power, a microwave, tablecloth and protective cover, etc.
Even when I forget to ask for it ahead of time :-)

Isn't the woodwork beautiful?

For the soap demonstration,
I made a batch of oatmeal, milk honey soap,
then poured it into the molds. 
There were about a dozen people there.
They asked lots of good questions. 

Some of the materials that went into the soap

The oatmeal, milk and honey soap is my best seller. 
People love the fragrance.
They also love the mild exfoliation quality of the oatmeal. 
Our skin loves oatmeal. 
Oatmeal has properties that soothe and soften our skin.

Freshly made soap

The soap needs to cure for about a month.
Curing lets extra water can evaporate.
This makes for a longer lasting bar.
It's so hard to wait for the soap to cure, but it's well worth it. 
Cold Process soap just gets better with age.
Bars of this soap will be for sale at Plaid Peacock in mid August.
The fragrance oil has vanilla in it.
Vanilla makes the soap darken a bit.

Just poured and still ivory

By the time these are ready to go, they'll be a lovely light tan color.
Crosscutting the bars lets the texture of the oatmeal show through.

Two days after pouring

These soaps smell wonderful!
Oh, and this soap is great at doing what soap is supposed to do -
gently cleaning and nourishing your skin.

How the bars will look after they are
cut and stamped

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap can also be purchased

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you had a good turnout!

    1. I was very pleased with the turnout. The room was packed pretty full.

  2. Congrats on your class, it sounds like it was a blast!

  3. Thanks, Anne-Marie. It was a good time!