Saturday, July 28, 2012

Honey Beeswax Homemade Soap

This soap is scented with one of Bramble Berry’s Summer S.O.A.P. Panel winners.
I adore the fragrance.
I'm intrigued by the way it changes the color of the soap.

Right after it was poured.

After the Cut
See the darkish outsides?

Almost a Month Later

There is no color added.
The fragrance oil turns it this lovely brown.
In the Bramble Berry testing,
this fragrance gave the soap a green metalic sheen.

The fragrance doesn’t let me do anything fancy,
like swirling or layering colors, but it smells sweet and rich.
And I rather like the dark color that the soap naturally turns.

I made this batch with Almond milk in place of the water,
so a bit of an almond scent is slightly detectable.
Thanks for reading!

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