Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Scones

When I saw this recipe on Sweet Pea’s Kitchen,
I vowed to try it.
I often see things and Pin them.
I have good intentions of trying them.
This is the first time I VOWED to make something.
They looked that good.
The results?
They are wonderful!
And easy to make.
They are smothered in two glazes.
One plain.
One with pumpkin spice.
There were only two problems.
The batch was too small.
Way . . . too . . . small.
Next time (tomorrow?) I’ll double it.
Sweet Pea says to let them cool before glazing them.
Then let the glaze set for another hour.
I couldn’t wait.
I put the first glaze on while they were still warm.
The second glaze immediately followed.
They were delightful.
Definitely worth the hour it took to make them.
Thanks, Sweet Pea, for the delicious recipe!
If you have a minute, scoot on over to
There are lots of great recipes there.
I found a few other scone recipes I might try.
I probably won’t let those cool before eating either.
Thanks for reading!

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