Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lip Balm

I made some lip balms the other day. The light orange one is Papaya, and the light green one is Fresh Mint. The Fresh Mint is tried and true. The Papaya is a first time venture. The lip balms are fun to make. After they are cooled and capped, it’s time to label them. This involves glue runner and index cards. Next it’s time to put shrink wrap on them. The final step is to heat the shrink wrap into place. If you’ve never done this, you really should try it sometime. It’s fun to watch the wrap shrink onto the product. The shrink wrap bands come with a perforation in them so users can twist the cap off and leave the label intact. At just a $1.50 each, you can try both the mint and the papaya, or buy some for a friend. Check out for additional flavor choices.

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