Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feel Good Spa Soap

Feel Good Spa Soap
This soap was inspired by my son's request.
He asked for a soap for a stressed out friend.
After doing some research,
I decided to add activated charcoal
And Mauve Clay
To a natural soap base from scratch.
The bottom layer is soap base with
An essential and fragrance oil blend.
The main components are ylang ylang and vanilla.
The next layer is a thin one with activated charcoal added.
Activated Charcoal provides mild exfoliation.
It also is known to have detoxification properties.
The top layer is colored with mauve clay.
Mauve clay is chock full of minerals.
I couldn't resist adding some texture to the tops.
Here's what the soap looked like right after it was cut.
See the faint lines around the edges on the bottom part?
Here's what it looked like a few days after it was cut.
The vanilla content caused significant darkening.

Here's how it looks after a few weeks.
You can get your very own bar here.
Thanks for reading!



  1. Looks great! The colors are so deep and earthy. Great job. =)