Thursday, February 7, 2013

French Green Clay Spa Soap

People love this French green clay soap.
French green clay is full of minerals.
It's great for our skin.
This is part of my spa line.
Most spa soaps contain clay.
To make this soap,
I started with my most used soap recipe.
The measuring cup at the left
Contains French green clay and distilled water.
I added lavender and tea tree essential oils.
Then I divided the batch into equal parts.
I added clay to one part.
A divider was placed into each mold.
I used cardboard pieces cut to size.
I covered the cardboard with duct tape.
Don't you just love duct tape?
Thank you, Soap Queen, for the idea of
Putting the end pieces in to hold the dividers steady.
The soap and molds are ready to go.
Maybe you can see the lines on each soap.
I wanted a medium to thick trace.
This way the layers will stay more defined.
Now it's time to pour.
The first layer in each mold
Has clay soap on one side
And plain soap on the other side.
The second layer in each mold
Has clay soap on one side
And plain soap on the other side.
The plain goes on top of the clay.
The clay goes on top of the plain.
I thumped the molds on the counter.
This helped the soap to settle into the mold.
Even after the thumping,
You can see there is some excess soap.
I love excess soap in the mold.
It lets me make some textured peaks on top.
Here it is with the dividers out.
Now for the peak making fun!
Here's what it looks like
With the peaks.
Each bar is a unique creation.
This soap is cured and ready to go!
If you are interested,
You can find it in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading!




  1. I'm totally digging the gorgeous design on these soaps. You did a fabulous job, Jean! =)