Friday, August 3, 2012

Butterfly Soap Wedding Favors

This week a bride-to-be ordered
220 butterfly soaps for wedding favors. 
That’s so exciting!
The order came in just six days before they need to be shipped.
That usually wouldn’t be a problem.
But the thing is, I have only one little butterfly mold.
It takes 10-12 minutes for each butterfly to harden.
Then it can be unmolded. 

Blue Butterfly Lineup

Doing the math kicked me into high gear.
Figuring conservatively at 4 butterflies per hour,
I need a total of 55 hours of active production.
Allowing 11 hours per day as active butterfly making hours
means I can finish them in five days.
I have a day to spare!

Wrapped and Labeled

Today is day three.
Half of the butterflies are made, wrapped, and labeled.
Dozens more are ready to be wrapped.
Production is right on schedule. 

Butterfly Collection

The bride-to-be is going to put two butterflies per organza bag.
I’m very honored to be a small part of her special day.
Purple Butterflies

I better get to it.
My timer that’s set to go off every 12 minutes is calling.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You are truly amazing! But it does beg the question...why not buy more molds? =) They are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Christy. I like your idea of getting more molds! I believe I'll do that :-)

  2. Well done! These butterfly soaps are stunning! and I love the shade of blue!

  3. You are a hero, really! And your butterflies are beautiful! Last autumn I made 30 maple leaves with 3 molds for wedding. And I was exhausted. Still feel nearly hating these maple leaves!:)

    1. Fortunately, I still enjoy making the butterflies. I hope your maple leaves were a hit.